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Guidelines for the installation of extra accessories to existing commercial vehicles


Type of application

  • Application to add passenger seat for vehicle with a Gross Weight of 5000 kg and below.

  • Application to install side frame and increase its height.

  • Application to alter to the location of exhaust pipe.

  • Application to install additional fuel tank.

Application term and conditions


 Documentation that are required :

  • Application form.

  • Photocopy of vehicle registration card (RC).

  • Verified photocopy of IC of the registered owner and buyer or photocopy business/company registration certificate.

  • Confirmation letter from the workshop registered with RTD (if necessary).

Additional info

  • After getting the application approval letter to the alter/modified, the vehicle should be subjected to a special inspection at PUSPAKOM.

  • The owner of the vehicle should forward the inspection report and approval letter to the State RTD to be recorded in the RC book.