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Before a car is required to undergo an inspection, it must qualify one of the following vintage/classic car criteria:

Vintage Cars : Motorcars more than 50 years of age from the date of manufacture
Classic Cars  : Motorcars more than 25 years of age from the date of manufacture

  • The body and main components of the car must be in its original form as assembled by the original manufacturer.

  • The car must be in good condition and shape, well maintained and has a market value.

  • The car must not be used for normal daily transport.

  • The car's engine and chassis number must not have been changed or tampered with.

  • Upgrading of electrical, brake and fuel system for reasons of road safety and roadworthiness are allowed

  • Not all types and makes of cars are qualified for vintage/classic status.

  • The final decision to award vintage/classic status for cars rests upon the Director General of RTD Malaysia.

  • Application for vintage/classic car status can be forwarded to one of the following addresses:

Technic Division,
Ibu Pejabat Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan,
Aras 2, Blok D4, Parcel D,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
62620 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan 

Tel: 03-88866693

Or any of the RTD's enforcement divisions at state/branch level.

An application must be accompanied with the following documents :

  • Copy of the car registration card and its original;

  • Copy of registration card of another vehicle belonging to the applicant and its original;

  • Copy of applicant's national identity card;

  • Minimum of 4 photographs of the vintage/classic car, taken from front, rear and side view, and steering compartment.


Priority for consideration will be given to owners who the members of the Royal Malaysian Vintage and Classic Car Club

The applicant is required to bring the vintage/classic car together with the necessary documents for inspection at any of the above mentioned RTD Offices.

The inspection will focus on the originality features of the car.

Inspection guidelines will be as follows :

Engine and chassis number identity must be the same as stated on the registration card, and must not have been tempered with;

Inspection for its originality features will include :

  • Original engine;
  • Original chassis;

  • Original design;

  • Original transmission;

  • Original suspension;

  • Original front and rear axle;

  • Original registration number;

  • Original rim and steering (not sports rim/steering).


Cars qualified for vintage/classic status will be issued with Certified Certificates, which are entitled for a road tax reduction as follows :-

Vintage Cars - 90% off the normal rate Classic Cars - 80% off the normal rate