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Guidelines for the modification of private vehicles


The laws related to any modification on vehicle before or after registration are spelt out in Section 12 of the Road Transport Act 1987.


Minor modifications or installation of extra accessories that is allowed without the approval of RTD


New Standard Compound Rates

There are modifications or accessories installation that can be carried out without the approval from the the DG of RTD, especially modifications or installation that doesn't affects the characteristic, stability and safety of the vehicles as follows :

  • Installation of air spoiler in front or rear.

  • Installation of side skirt, aerofoil and door visor at car.

  • Installation of protecting guards to the front and rear of the car.

  • Minor modification to the radiator grilles, bonnet and shapes and design of lamp.

  • Minor modification and widening of tyre wings or mudguard

  • .
  • Modification or extra installation of bigger bumper (whether from steel or fiberglass type) to the front and rear of the car.

  • Installation of bigger rim and tyres.

  • Installation of Para roof.

  • Installation of sunroof.

  • Installation of additional brake lamp (red colored) or direction indicator light (amber colored).

  • Installation of spotlight or halogen lamp (white or yellow colored) to the front in addition to the existing lamp.

  • Installation wind block, fiberglass lamp casing and fiberglass engine casing the front of the motorcycle in which these accessories does not exceed the tip of the handlebar.


Note : The above list subject to changes.


Even tough allowed these small modifications and installation should be in compliance to the Motor Vehicles (Construction and use) Rules 1959 or Motor Vehicles (Construction, Equipment and Use) Rules 1988. For example :

  • If air spoiler, aerofoil or side skirt is installed, it cannot exceed 150mm measure from the outer of the rear tyre.

  • If door visor is install, it cannot exceed than 100mm width and taller.

  • If bigger rim or tyre is used, it must be totally concealed with mudguards or mud flaps.

  • If protecting guards are installed, it cannot conceal the car light. Any sharp edge or parts cannot exceed 100mm. In addition the overall wide of the car should not exceed the original wide of the car.

  • If additional bumper or protecting guards installed, it should not exceed 50% either on the car front or rear from the base of tyre.

  • The distance between headlamps and the signal lamps respectively cannot exceed more than 300mm and 400mm measured from the the body wide after modifications.

  • If para roof is installed, it cannot exceed the length of the roof, or the wide of the vehicle or a height of 400mm measured from the tip of the para roof.


Modifications or installation of extra accessories that is not allowed bt the RTD


  • Beacon lights (other than indicator lights on the front end or rear side of the car)

  • Installation of blue, purple or green colored lamps.

  • Installation of rhymed horn or double tone horn.

  • Installation of spotlight on rear of car.

  • Installation of tinted glass or color stickers to the front window, side window and rear window in which the light penetration is less than 70%.

Note : The usage of tinted glass or sticker is allowed if it covers only 20% of the whole area of the front or rear windows. The same applies to the side window. However it is subjected to RTD changes.


Modifications or installation that is allowed with the prior approval of RTD


If modification or installation additional accessories can cause changing of design, measured,  safety or feature of vehicles, writable permissions must have from RTD. Sample :

  • Modification to the skeletal frames or monocoque frame of a vehicle.

  • Modification to the dimension or original characteristic of a vehicle.

  • Modifying a saloon car to a convertible car.

  • Modification to the vehicle fuel system.

  • Modification to the vehicle braking system.

  • Modification to the vehicle steering system.

  • Modification to the vehicle tyre base.

  • Usage of  fiberglass material to replace steel material.

  • Engine changing.

For the above modifications or similar modifications, application can be made to :

Technical Division,
Ibu Pejabat JPJ Malaysia,
Aras 2, Blok D4, Parcel D,

Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,

62650 Putrajaya

Apart from the application letter, applicants should furnish additional information as follows :

  • Detail drawing plan with accurate dimensions and modification processes. 

  • Technical specification related to modifications. 

  • Certification of endorsement or endorsement by a Professional Engineer (IR) conforming that all modifications are in accordance with stability and safety, and

  • Details of the vehicle that is to be modified.

Any modifications or accessories installation that affects the characteristic, stability and safety of the vehicles, which can result in road accident, will not be entertained.