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No entry 


No turn left

Two dangerous corners 

Follow direction

Bumping road


No horn

Motorcycle pass
No Parking

No entry for these vehicle

Railway automatic level crossing

No U turn

Land slide area

Stopping totally prohibited
Dangerous ascend

Give way

No entry for vehicle with
laden weight more than 8 tons
Level crossing without gates 

No overtaking

End of speed limit

Follow the arrow 

Caution - Danger


Soft road

Narrow road

No through road
Route indicator

Direction at highway

Road junction at right 
Filling station 

Handicapped crossing

Public telephone station
Give way to traffic ahead

Dangerous corners

Road narrows at offside

Traffic Light 

Staggered junction.
Do not enter right

Narrow bridge ahead

Junction at left right

Blind person crossing


Ascending lane 

Road with divider ends

Main road with divider ahead
Descending Lane

Road repairs

Astray danger


Turn left direction 


Speed limit zone

Turn right direction

Slippery road

Wild animal crossing

Stop sign ahead


No right turn

No entry for motorcycle

Stop ! Children crossing

Follow the arrow
No entry for the vehicle with
height more than 3.5 meter

Keep left

Bicycle path only
No entry for the vehicle with
width more than 2.5 meter

Follow The Arrow or Right Turn

Junction to the left and right
Left junction


Bumper ahead
Right junction

T junction


Road junction at left


Split traffic



Road Junction On Right Small Road


Road Junction On Left Small Road

Cow crossing

Two way traffic


Bus stand


Speed zone ahead 
Tow zone

Metal Stacked On Road Side

Left Lane Closed To Traffic


Middle Lane Closed To Traffic

Right Lane Closed To Traffic


Construction in front

Distance indicator

U turn

Distance indicator

Road Direction And Direction To The Highway Express

Distance indicator
Distance indicator

Road direction

Road direction

Round about direction